Removing Mic "rattle"

Hello dear Audacity users, and those minority of Audacity Brainiacs.

I’ve been “using” Audacity for about 5 years. When i say using, i just mean recording. not really dilly dallying with effects.

However, i’ve come across a tiny problem. As im recording guitar sections through a microphone, at high guitar levels , the vibrations cause the Mic to “rattle”. Is there anyway to remove the “rattle”?

I have used the noice reduction tool which cleaned up alot of stuff nicely, but not the rattle. I can’t really turn down the gain, or turn it down and use ampliy, as it doesnt really work.

I know of the compression tool etc, however i have only just started using these “effects” so im very much a novice. I have attached the a sample, which at a decent volume you can hear the “rattle”.

I am using an M-Audio Mic, which came with the M-Audio Podcast factory, with Aucacity 2.0.1 ( just this second updated from the old 1.3 beta, and seem some more cool looking effects). Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I think thats all you need to know…

While we normally discourage using a fuzz guitar for testing a problem that sounds like fuzz, this one is pretty straightforward. You are overloading the microphone, or probably the first amplifier after the microphone element – the mic preamplifier.

When we Google (Bing) M-Audio Mic, we get thousands of different hits, so that doesn’t tell us anything, but your only option is usually make the performance quieter by whatever method you choose, or put attenuation between the microphone and the MicPre if they’re separate pieces.


Hi Koz,

Thanks for the quick reply. The guitar isn’t fuzz, its just distortion with some reverb. Ive fiddled about with mic positioning, however its either too loud or too quiet. Using the amplify effect , destroys the tone of the guitar, so thats not an option. I have a pop shield on the mic to try and cut out additional buzz with the waves. If i plug straight into the pre amp, its just awful, so the only way is to have the mic close to my amp. I have to have the amp at that noise level, for the right sound, if the noise level is a tad out , the sound then changes, and ruins the tone.

I do appreciate what you are saying, i didnt think there would be any “answer”, however, with all the great things audacity has, i thought id give it a shot at asking.

Im now trying to get audacity to pan vocals from left hand side to right hand side, one after the other (with great difficulty)