Removing Lyrics from a song

Hi there, My daughter is in a talent show and I need to remove the lyrics from a song. I have tried the split stereo track, left/right to mono, and invert tip as in the tutorial. When I play back the music, it still has the lyrics, but just muted. Can anyone help and/or can anyone direct me to someone who can do this? My music editing skills are limited to this situation only! The song is from iTunes mpg4 format which I converted to mpg3 file using an online conversion program. Any advice is much appreciated.


If you have limited skills it is simply best to buy a karaoke version of the song online. If the vocals are not panned centre and have added reverb you may never remove them, and you could spend hours achieving only a slight improvement.

You made your task harder by converting from MPEG4 (presumably video) to another lossy format (MP3).

You can try Effect > Vocal Remover (see ) which lets you remove or retain a given frequency band from the centre. It is the same as you have done already with just that extra flexibility.

If you must try further, install FFmpeg then you can drag the video or MP4 audio into Audacity and it will extract the audio without any further losses. Then please try these third-party VST plug-ins: .

If you need to export to MP3 from Audacity afterwards, install LAME ( ).