removing letters (or find and remove frequencies)


i have registered my voice for a video tutorial.
The mic that i have have no wind cover, and the result is that my “p” and “b” are too loud.

how can i fix it?

i thought:
well, if i have a spectrum analyzer i can see the frequencies of that letters and reduce volume of that.

is there a faster way?
also, how can i see a spectrum analyzer in audacity?
seems that click on drop down menu of track->spectrum does not help, and also “Analyze->Plot Spectrum” is not so good as i wished…


The best and easiest way to fix it is to just buy or make a pop filter. I made one out of panty-hose and a bent up clothes hanger, it works just fine.

Alternately, you can use the Spectrum view. Go to the Edit → Preferences → Spectrogram menu. Change the FFT size to 256 and the Min and Max frequencies to 0 and 200, respectively.

Now when you use the Spectrum View, you should see the really low frequencies clearly when the plosives (aka “p” and “b”) occur. At those points, use the Equalizer to filter out everything below about 100 Hz. That should help a bit, but it’ll never be as good as a well recorded signal will be.