Removing Hum from a soundtrack

(Windows 10)
I have a soundtrack that I am trying to fix that is part of a video file. When the video was being recorded, it was been corrupted by a loud and persistent hum throughout the entire track. I have used the standard method of noise removal that is recommended (i.e. select a noise only section of the track, get ‘noise profile’ then select the whole track and apply noise reduction). I have done some experimentation with the 3 slider bars in the noise reduction section but the hum is still quite persistent, somewhat improved though.

I’m hoping someone here has some more advanced experience and technical advice on how to effectively get rid of this hum.

I found this in another thread here but don’t understand how to do step 5.2 posted by VPD (post 5 about halfway down the page).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If it’s mains-hum this plugin does a better job than noise reduction …
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