Removing excessive "S" sound out of tutorial voice over

Using Audacity 2.x on windows 7 with .exe installer. I have used the equalizer to bring down 4000-10,000 down to -21db with not much effect.
Are there other things in audacity or plugins I might try? I think my VO person was to close to the mike when recording to Mp3

It’s possible that you’re simply too close to the mic, but it’s much more likely you’re overloading the sound channel or there’s something wrong with your microphone or the amplifier system. Overloading a radio microphone or cellphone system is a really good way to get harsh, piercing sibilants. Getting too close to a microphone as a separate, distinct event usually gives you bass boominess from proximity effects, like a small club or bar with a rock band.

This isn’t going to come out perfect, so you should take serious steps to find out what happened and fix it. You don’t want your VO to sound like an air traffic controller.


Oh, and never do production in MP3. MP3 creates sound damage – always – and when you export your show for on-line use, the damage is going to double. You’ll go from Air Traffic Controller to Sirius Satellite Radio voices, bubbling, gargling, honking and compression. If you noticed that happening already, that’s what causes it.


Thanks Koz It helped

Hi Koz,
Can I get Audacity to batch apply Spitfish De ess to MP3s. I tried in edit chains and could not get the plug in as an option. 100s of files to De ess. It appears the MP3 compression from Wav, as you suggested is creating the problem.

Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help > About Audacity”)


I’m not sure, but Spitfish may be supported in Audacity 2.0.1 which you can get here: