Removing everything but the drums/bass line

Hey! I’m new to this and I hoping someone can help out a beginner. I just got audacity and I’m bearly learning how to navigate it. But, my question is how can I remove all of the sounds except for the drums/bass line? Is it possible? anything will help :smiley:

<<<Is it possible?>>>

No, not really. Once the show is mixed with all the instruments and singers playing together in a stereo show, you’re more or less stuck. There are tools that can isolate some instruments or voices sometimes, but they don’t work very well on a downloaded, compressed, or MP3 show.

The tool built into Audacity only works on vocal removal, but maybe there’s something in one of these others.

Voice Removal or Isolation
–Center Pan Remover (Voice Remover–Search the page for “Center Pan Remover”)
–Voice Trap
–Extra Boy


what also works (in a limited way though) is using Audacity’s noise removal.

  1. highlight (select) the parts of the music you like to remove. E.g. the voice or guitar when they’re alone and there’s a break in the drums/bass.

  2. noise removal → get noise profile

  3. select all, then noise removal again.

Interesting idea. This is me writing that down.

Can I assume you’ll be in Audacity 1.3 for that?


Me? Yes, Audacity 1.3.8… As for the orginal poster i don’t know.

In fact, I was surprised at how good that works with ‘instruments’ instead of ‘noise’. Mm, I got the idea just yesterday from this article :, where they describe how a tool originally designed for noise removal was used to isolate instruments for the beatles rock band game.


However, the greatest interest was stirred when Gibson showed how he used CEDAR Retouch to eliminate individual instruments from mixed tracks so that they could be used for the forthcoming Beatles Rock Band game. Hearing Paul McCartney’s bass guitar removed from a song without unduly affecting the other instruments and vocals proved to be a revelation, as did examples where Gibson separated drums, handclaps, and other instruments in just seconds.