Removing everything but drums from a track?

I read on the internet that you could remove vocals and backing tracks from a song. I was wondering if i could do this with all of them but leave the drums on. Is it possible?

In general, you can’t take a mixed performance apart into instruments.


first don’t believe what you read on the internet.
that said, if you paid a pro studio enough money, they might be able to , in some cases, do a “good enough” job at it . but it would be a lto easier cheaper faster better to re-record the drums, or create them from a synth or midi. your best bet is to hire one of those studio musician services. they can listen and then re-do the drums better than trying to remove the rest of the stuff in the studio.

I subscribe to this. I tried to remove vocals some time ago, it’s wasting time.

The centre-pan removal method (vocal removal in Audacity) can work extremely well, but only if:

  1. It is a good, clean stereo recording
  2. The vocal is panned dead centre
  3. Other important instruments are not panned dead centre
  4. There are little or no stereo effects on the voice.

Few commercial recordings meet all of these requirements exactly, but quite a few are close enough to give reasonable results.
Low quality MP3s and Hip-Hop music almost always fail.
Mono recordings can never work with this method.

The more sophisticated tools can sometimes produce results where the centre-pan method fails,but they can take a lot of time and effort and they will still often fail to produce decent results.