removing effects and or seeing what effects have been applied

How do you see what effects are on a audio clip? Is it possible to highlight a clip and see what effects have been applied and adjust them or bring the clip back to the default level. This is well past the “undo” opportunity or looking into the history of the project. I would love to be able to highlight a whole audio track with multiple clips on them and restore that track to default levels. Is that possible?

No. The human brain is often the best tool. And even then you may not know if something like reverb is “real” from recording in a “live” room, or an artificial effect.

Some effects such as slight/reasonable EQ can be reversed. Many effects, such as limiting, reverb, or echo can’t be removed orreversed.

Theoretically, compression can be reversed (expansion) but in the real world the parameters are usually unknown, plus you may not have a complementary expander, or compression may have been applied to the individual tracks before mixing, etc.

Thanks for the info. I come from a video background. Many applications in video editing, you can click on the clip and see the effects applied and readjust the effect, remove or bring them back to default. So what I am reading from you, Audacity does not have that capability. Thanks again for the info.

It’s the difference between non-destructive and destructive editing. Some programs apply an effect as a filter that can be turned off (non-destructive, in that the original material is untouched) others apply the effect directly to the source material (destructive, in that the original is modified and thereby destroyed).

Thanks, Very good information for moving forward.