Removing Echo with Acon Verberate


is it possible to use Verberate basic plugin with audacity to remove echo? or is it just a lie? they say its possible, but here in the forum I found a few thread in general about echo, and thats its not possible.

ty in advance!

Their website says:

  • Highly realistic simulation of real acoustical spaces and mechanical plates
  • The new time variant Vivid Hall algorithm goes beyond convolution
  • Powerful decay editor allows frequency dependent reverb times
  • Versatile integrated output equalizer

No mention of “removing” echo, so my guess is that it doesn’t.

The basic version is free, so why not try it?

If you have further questions about 3rd party products it’s better to ask them than us.

yea its weird, when you read it you could think its FOR echo not against it. but there are plenty of sources, which say it removes echo… like

I wanted to test it, but I wasn’t sure whether it works wit audacity and how to use it.

That’s a different effect. it is “Acon DeVerberate”.

I would expect that it works to some degree, but I doubt that it could help much if there’s a lot of echo. I’d expect best results when there is just a little reverberation. It probably also works best with artificial reverberation rather than real reverberation.

No guarantees that it will work with Audacity. If you’re interested in it, try the demo version before parting with money.

I have an old copy of Acon Deverberate working in Audacity on Windows.
IMO it’s only useful for drying up slight reverb, not bathroom-level reverb.
You can try a free demo version of the plugin before you buy.
(The demo version inserts silence every 30 seconds).
Acon Deverberate in Audcaity on Windows.png