Removing continuous, rhythmic clapping

Hi there! I’m aware that there are several similar threads but I have not found any that cover the specific type of noise I want to remove. I’ve tried noise gate, noise reduction, high pass, low pass, EQ stuff, even the fan-created “Big Click Filter” plugin. The sound I am trying to remove is actually somewhat similar to wind or ocean waves crashing, so I also tried many different methods that seem to work for those things. But I’m missing something.

The sound is about the same, or higher, volume than the speaking, and thus it may be impossible to remove it. I just thought I’d ask here before totally chucking this part of a project.

Here’s the clip. Specifically, I want the clip where the singer remarks, “One night, I’m gonna do that and I’m not gonna be able to come up again,” because I intend to bitcrush it and put it into an animated video made to sound like classic video game style audio. I have successfully done this before with other lines from this same person, but those clips did not have audience interference like this one.

Need AI to do that type of separation.
AI stem separation can be done online or in Audacity with plugins …

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