Removing breaths from commentary

I hate the sound when I breath in during a commentary. I could either go and manually take them out (no thanks), or use noise remover. Unfortunately, the noise remover seems to also decrease the quality of my regular voice when I use a breathing sample.

Is there a way to only select, or apply an effect to parts of the audio that are under a certain volume? Like, to the human eye it’s obvious what’s breathing and what is talking, but is there a way for the program to differentiate between me talking and silence/white noise/breathing?

This is a thread that features Noise Gate.

Noise gate suppresses the sounds between words.

It’s not the greatest gift to mankind because voices are never perfect and the noises between words are never perfect, either.

Did you try the manual method – select each gasp and get rid of it? Did it sound OK to you? It’s very difficult to mess with human voices and make the result transparent.


I’ll check it out. It was fine when I removed the breathing but it takes so long.

That worked really well for the small sample I have… Thanks so much.

Is there also an extension to shorten elongated sections of silence? For example, the breath took a while so when removed there was just silence for a while.

It would be cool for cleaning it up.

Truncate Silence