Removing breathing


I manually edit out breathing from my audio and it takes a lot of time. I need a quick and easy way to automatically remove it:

  1. Without losing audio quality (noise reduction)
  2. Without removing any other sounds (noise gate)

What is the best viable solution?


What is the best viable solution?

Pay a voice performer.
Digital voice.


There was a forum poster who was mildly asthmatic. They were painful [gasp] to listen to. They wanted to be a voice performer, but that possibility was zero.

There are some pay-to-play software packages which can help, but the “pay” part can exceed the fees of just paying someone to do the work for you. I believe ACX Audible has lists of performers for hire. There have been voice performers on the forum discussing the best way to get on that list.

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 3.33.11 AM.png

Can you post some of your gasping? Use this as a format.

But don’t stop at 10 seconds. Use your own text and go on to 20 seconds. We want a good representative sample of your throat noises and how they integrate to your show. You’ll need to reduce the test to Mono. 20 second Stereo won’t fit.

Do Not process, filter, or apply effects.


This is a small snip of my audio, is the quality good or is the breathing too much?

is the breathing too much?

The goal is to hear the breathing so we know what the problem is. It’s pretty common to work and work to solve a problem that the forum poster described wrong—and we’re solving the wrong problem.

There’s a fancy trick for covering up gasps. How are you doing it?

And you’re too loud. There is actually a point at 3.9 seconds where the sound goes into damage overload. Overload/clipping really is most times a non-recoverable problem and to be avoided.

At the risk of being a pain in the neck. Shoot another test and this time leave the two seconds of hold-your-breath-and-don’t-move at the beginning. Make sure there are at least two natural gasps in there.

And post mono. Use the drop-down at the left of the track > Split Stereo To Mono. That will give you two separate tracks, one above the other. Delete one of them and post the other.


Take a look at this approach using Audacity, heavy Noise Reduction, and special settings in Auto Duck.