Removing boom from recording

When I record a podcast the audio has a boom, or excessive base. I can get the quality I want by using Effect and adjusting the bass to about -8.0. However it is apparently effective only on playback and I can find no way to lower the bass either when recording, or when exporting the audio file.

What can I do to get rid of the excessive bass sound?


Audacity doesn’t apply effects or corrections during recording.

However it is apparently effective only on playback

After the recording, apply the effects or corrections so it sounds OK and the corrections will stick when you Export to sound files such as WAV or MP3.

Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects which you can use if you have a complicated edit that you want to pick up later.

This is a Project. The show is in two parts.

Projects do not save UNDO.


or excessive base

Room boom? The best thing to do is get rid of the echoy room. If you do enough production, sooner or later you’re going to either miss a pass and post a honky podcast or get a Notification, forget and apply it twice.

The audiobook people run into this. Chapter after chapter and they all have to match.

Beautiful wooden floors?

That just kills you when you’re trying for a clean recording.

You could try a Kitchen Table Studio.

It’s only OK with outside noises such as the metrobus driving by, but it does a pretty good job with room echoes.