Removing beeping sound

I use since today Audacity and I want to ask is it possible to remove a beeping sound from a track without the removing of the voices?
Thanks for your help
Geluidstest.aup (15.5 KB)

– AUP is not a sound file. It’s an Audacity Project Manager file. It’s text. You should File > Export from Audacity to get a stand-alone sound file you can upload and share. Scroll down to Projects.

– To your question. No. The best you can hope for is Martian Voices if you try it with the Noise Reduction tools. Try it. You need to grab (drag-select) a beep by itself, no voices, and make that the Profile. Then apply it to the whole show or segment that has beeps. You’ll need to reduce the Smoothing setting to zero. I’m betting you never find settings that work.

Noise Reduction works by trying to subtract anything in the profile from the show. That’s why it’s a two-step process. If you never have a beep by itself, that’s the end of the Noise Reduction tool.


Thanks for your reactio. I was al afraid for it, but asking is not knowing :wink:
For alle the readers: Have a nice X-mas and a save and good 2013