Removing background noise

I’m having troubles removing the background noise from the fan on my laptop. I used to use a monitor for my laptop so my mic was further from it making removing the background noise easier, but now that it’s closer because I broke my monitor it’s ahrder for me to remove the noise. I can successfully remove the background static/hum noise from silence but when I’m talking you can faintly hear it start up and soon as I stop it goes away. Is there a way to successfully remove the background noise from my audio? I currently have the projects saved and I’m trying to remove it from some pre-recorded projects of a let’s play I’m doing and I’ve already got an episode up, the audio sounded better but there was still a noticeable noise, but it was so faint only I notice it because I know it’s there. I don’t want to scrap the files because it’s about an hour’s worth of footage that I was recording for a game and I’ve already uploaded one of the videos to youtube, it’s just I’m having troubles removing the noise successfully in the second audio file.

I currently use the default Noise Reduction db 12, Sensitivity 6.00, and frequency smoothing at 3. I leave at least 3-5 seconds at the beginning of the recording before I start talking to use as a profile, but it seems I’m having to use Noise reduction twice to even remove all of the noise sometimes now, which is rather annoying. I’ve not changed anything about my settings other than the location of my laptop in comparison to my microphone, which is on a mic arm

I think you’ll get less artifacts if you only use noise reduction the once, but with higher values for sensitivity.
Try setting everything (Reduction/Sensitivity/smoothing) on 12. If 12-12-12 is too much, cut back the sensitivity.

I’m talking you can faintly hear it start up and soon as I stop it goes away

The old Noise Removal used to do that. Which Audacity have you got?

I’m having to use Noise reduction twice to even remove all of the noise sometimes now

I’m surprised your voice doesn’t start sounding like talking in a wine glass or honky. Too much Noise Reduction is not a good thing.

What can you do with your existing computer? Most of my laptop noise comes out the back around the screen hinge. Park the computer on several layers of towel or blanket and roll up a blanket for behind the screen, being careful not to restrict air flow. Listen carefully to your machine and see where the noises are coming from.

Do you know what a Mechanic’s Stethoscope is? You get a length of plastic tube, jam one end in your ear and wave the other end around your computer. It makes localizing noise much easier.

We tell people who need perfect voice (for audiobooks) to turn off Windows sound enhancements, but you might try turning them on. They’re intended to filter your voice and get rid of background noises, hum and buzz for conferencing and chat like a cellphone does.

Read through this just to see where the settings are. Most of these failures are from people trying to record music. These settings hate music.

Once you record high noise level into a performance, you’re stuck. Like I said, I’m surprised you could get your show to work at all. How close are you to getting a replacement monitor? You hit one of the ACX AudioBook recommendations—get the noisy computer away from you by using a remote monitor.

If you’re budget sucks, try visiting Salvation Army or other Previously Owned stores. I see some computer stuff in mine all the time. Some people get a new computer and have to get a new monitor because the connection doesn’t match. Nothing wrong with the monitor.


I’m really close. I recently had to pay tuition and am having to pay $50 a week for car insurance, just recently turned 18 and have a car. I’m getting paid tomorrow so I might try and find a deal for a new monitor that was similar to my old one and just stick with that since I’ve had such success with it.

I’m currently using Audacity 2.1.2 on Windows 7 Pro with a Blue Snowball iCE, which has no options in the windows sound settings to enhance anything, just a volume slider. I might get a Blue yeti soon as when I bought this mic I didn’t know that the ICE version was different it was just simply cheaper and more in my price range. I’m also really close to buying a new PC so the noise in the background is sure to go down some making it easier to remove the static and what not. Or if I get another monitor first that’ll make things easier too.

I honestly don’t know how my audio doesn’t sound any horrible that it should because I once did a test and had to use the removal 3 times and my voice sounded fine it’s just I could still hear the hum as soon as I started talking. But like you said I tried turning the sensitivity and noise reduction db up and it’s worked so far making the noise more bearable and less noticeable considering my voice is being played over game play audio so it helps make it harder to hear, if at all.

I honestly don’t know how my audio doesn’t sound any horrible that it should

The sound gods may be smiling on you. That does happen. Chase used to regularly crank out a reasonable-sounding Skype podcast with no special hardware or software. He’s a celebrity unicorn. Nobody else can do that.

I might get a Blue yeti soon

Make sure you have a terrific return policy. There is a thing called the “Yeti Curse.” Because the Yeti is a lower-end microphone, it has no defenses if the computer’s USB is not of good quality. You can get Frying Mosquitoes behind your performance and it’s terrifically hard to get rid of.

Listen when I stop talking.

We’ve never had a noise complaint about a Yeti Pro. But then, it’s not a low-end microphone.

There is the idea that if you have no trouble with your Snowball, you should have no trouble with the regular Yeti. But then, you are Mr. Three-Pass-Noise-Reduction.