Removing background music


I downloaded a book that has background music played as the narrator reads it. It is distracting. How can I remove the music while keeping the read.

if needed, this is what i have:
Win 7 ultimate x64
AMD PhenomII x4 955 B.E. Deneb 3.2GHz
ASUS M4A88T-V EVO/USB 3 on board sound w/5.1
Crucial 8GB Ram DDR3

There are money-based programs that claim to be able to do vocal isolation, but as a rule, no. If the show is mixed sound on a mono track, then nobody can do it.

– Voice Removal or Isolation

–Voice Trap (Vocal Isolation)
–Extra Boy

I’ll look into that, Thanks, I needed to be pointed in the right direction.
I’ve been using an older version of Audacity for my church to edit & post sermons on the web, but I am by far no well seasoned user of audacity.

Vocal Removal is a simple arithmetic job. Piece of cake (when it works), but Vocal Isolation is very difficult and like I said, if you have a mono (not 2-channel stereo) show, you can stop looking right now.


There is also a “free” method using Audacity that might occasionally work .