Removing background music from a trailer

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I’ve searched for this topic quite a lot but can’t find a suitable answer.
My goal is to cut the music from a trailer with the original soundtrack so you basically are left with only the dialogue.

An example would be a trailer for a game. A copyrighted song would be playing in the background and I want that out.
Is there a way to do this?


Is there a way to do this?

Audacity can’t split a mixed performance into individual instruments, sounds or voices.


Thanks for the reply!

That’s a bummer. I was hoping for something like the ‘Karaoke-solution’.


Don’t fall in love with that, either. The karaoke-solution fails most of the time. The lead singer should be in the exact left-right middle of the stereo field. The performance has to be in perfect stereo with no compression artifacts (no MP3’s). The instruments have to not be in the center of the stereo field and there have to be no stereo effects added to the voice.

If you want to give it a shot, the tools are Vocal Removal, Vocal Reduction and Isolation and Noise Gate.

Noise gating works by trying to remove sounds below a certain volume. The problems are the quiet parts of your voice trigger the gate giving you a clipped sound. If you manage to avoid that, your voice can get little music tails on the end of each word. If you do manage to get a segment of the performance to balance, it never lasts more than a second or two. Nobody can announce perfectly evenly over a minute trailer.

“In a world…”

We stress very strongly make sure your show balances while it’s in separate tracks. Once you smash them into a mix, that’s the end of the world.

Having said all that, there are unicorns which might work well. You have to try it. There are software packages with a much better chance of working, but not at Audacity’s price point.


Noise Gate is a download…


Object to spending money ?, see …

Money no object, see …