Removing an effect after adding it

i was wondering if it’s possible to get the unedited voice file back, after adding an effect.
I used reverb and saved it and now I don’t know how to remove the effect from the file again.
Is it possible somehow?
Best, Lucy

You didn’t save your original recording? :frowning: No, you can’t remove reverb. You can’t reverse most effects after you’ve saved/exported.

…There are 3re party “de-verb” plug-ins but I assume you get unwanted side-effects.

I used reverb and saved it

But if you didn’t close Audacity, you can Edit > UNDO. If you closed Audacity, yeah, that’s the end.

It’s a terrific idea to keep backup copies of all your sound files and Export WAV (Microsoft) copies of all your performances before you edit them.

That’s just a generic good idea no matter what you’re doing, but it’s burned into audiobook production. Audiobook chapters are submitted as MP3 files. If the company wants you to make a change or correction to a chapter, you can’t change the MP3 and resubmit it. It creates sound damage. You have to go back to the perfect quality WAV Edit Master. If there is no edit master, you go all the way back to reading the chapter again…

I used to record voice performances for movies. I still have WAV protection copies of voices I shot years ago. Too many nasty things can happen in the production process.