Removing all metadata when exporting multiple


Wondering how to remove all metadata when exporting multiple wavs. (My app requires no metadata be present.) Audacity seems to be automatically adding the filename in the Title field, and a series of hex values in the Comments field.



Before you start exporting, open “File menu > Edit Metadata” and remove all of the metadata.
You can then disable the Metadata Editor from popping up during export, by deselecting the setting in “Edit > Preferences > Import / Export → Show Metadata Tags editor prior to export step”

Thanks for your reply, Steve, Unfortunately this approach still puts/leaves values in the Title and Comments fields.

I’m using version 2.0.3. Perhaps that’s my problem?


I don’t have 2.0.3 (it’s very old) so I can’t test.
The current version is 2.1.3 which you can get from here: