removing a song or musical instrument from a piece of music

I have just joined the forum.
I have not down loaded the AUDACITY software yet. I have the new WINDOWS 10 version on my computer.
I just learned to play the violin and I am looking to make backing tracks by removing the songs from the music without losing the quality of the rest of the piece. There are also music with specific instruments for example say saxaphone. Will I be able to split up the music into separate bands/tracks so that I can either reduce the volume or remove the one track from the piece of music.
I’ve seen something like remove vocals from songs offered elsewhere,but the quality of the sound is horrible.
When I download the AUDACITY software should I expect any problems with my Windows 10 ?
Please help , good people.
Thank you.

without losing the quality of the rest of the piece.

As a fuzzy rule, the only way to do that is buy the karaoke version of the song.

There’s a serious list of things that can go wrong with Vocal Removal. All basic vocal removal does is remove whatever is in the left-right center of the song. It’s simple arithmetic with a couple of filters thrown in. Frequently, the bass and drums go, too, and if there are any stereo effects or echo in the song, they don’t go.

The thing that kills most people right at the top is the music quality. The filters and tools work best with a perfect WAV or other uncompressed format, not ratty MP3 or other compressed format. So there goes most internet downloads.

There is a custom vocal/instrument remover/isolator written recently. I need to go find it.

But no, if you’re looking for the guarantee, look somewhere else.


This is the posted one, but I swear there was another one.


Here it is.


If your sound card drivers are fully compatible with Windows 10, there should be no problem. If they’re not, then Audacity will probably not run. See:

Thanks for the reply people.
I was impatient and downloaded Audacity. The program is quite easy to use. Mostly self explanatory. When I used " vocal removal" in a WAF mode song the result was not as good as when I redid the same song and used the " vocal reduction and Isolation" which retained more of the accompanied music and a feint song in the background. This is good as it leads me in my music playing.
I am going tto try to save the first go and redo that a second time around and see what happens.
Thanks again.

Processing the track a second time does in general not remove more of the vocals/solo instrument in the middle.
You have to shift the center (by panning and mix&render) or to narrow the stereo width in order to reduce more of the vocals. However, it’s most of the time not worth the effort.

The reason is that stereo effects (reverb, echo, chorus etc) copy the voice/instrument in the middle and put two independent copies at extreme left and right. Thus, by removing those copies the instruments at these positions are eliminated as well–leaving you with some bass in the middle (for “Remove Vocals”, that is).