Removing a channel from a stereo track

Using Audacity 2.0.3 obtained from zip.

Hi. I am struggling with what should be a straightforward project, but I am inexperienced with some of the Audacity advanced features. I have a “play along” style track with the accompaniment on the right stereo channel and the same accompaniment plus soloist on the left stereo channel. I want to completely remove the soloist, leaving the accompaniment to play in stereo from both channels. I have been trying to delete the left channel and replace it with an exact copy of the right channel, but haven’t been successful in finding a method.

Checked the manual, FAQs, seached the forum, and tried some stuff but looks like I need some guidance. Any advice?

Dave No

Drop-down menu on the left of the track > Split Stereo Track.

[X] out the bad track (on the left).

Select the track remaining ( click just above the MUTE button.)

Edit > Duplicate.

Drop Down on the left > Make Stereo Track.

There is a simple and convenient way to make a stereo track into mono, but not the other direction.


Someone is going to post that you should leave a single track alone and Drop Down Menu > Mono. Real Mono tracks will play through both speakers on stereo systems and are half as large.


Perfect Koz - worked like a charm!

Turns out I was on the right track understanding the intructions in the on-line manual, but was looking for the “Split Stereo Track” on the “Tracks” dropdown on the tool bar - obviously, I didn’t find it there so hence the post!

Thanks again,

Dave No

It’s a standing problem. Not only is it invisible but it has no name. Click on “that little black arrow on the left of the track.” That’s it’s name. TLBAOTLOTT.


But fortunately it is illustrated in the manual:
(by the way, the name is “track drop down menu”).