Removing 15 minute gap in timeline between audio clips

Hi folks, newbie here, using Audacity 3.2.5 on Windows 10, works great. I’m sure this is super simple, need to get rid of a 15 minute chunk of empty timeline in the middle of a bunch of audio before and after the chunk. I’ve tried click/drag selecting the vacant space, then Edit>Delete, but it remains. What am I missing?

You can download 3.3.3 from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

I’m not sure you can delete empty space. Try clicking on the first track at the right of the area you want to delete. Hold the shift key down and press END (corrected). Still holding down the shift key, press the down arrow to select all track of interest. Now you have all the audio selected to the right of that point. Click and drag the handle of any single clip in that area and you should be able to move them all over to the left by the 15 minutes you desired. For pinpoint accuracy, use Ctrl+B to generate labels at selected points and use the yellow guidelines that appear.

Thanks for the quick and thorough response, Jademan. So maybe not as simple as I thought. Anyway, in the interim I did a pretty convoluted workaround, but if I get myself in that situation again I will try your solution.

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