Removed clicks and now audio distorted


I recorded a voiceover straight into Audacity (3.3.3). It sounded fine but had the usual clicking mouth type sounds. I then used the click removal tool (at its default setting), and then saved my progress.

Unfortunately the audio now sounds a little distorted. Kind of tinny sounding. With a bit of light crackling here and there.

My question is…is there any way to revert back to my original audio before I applied the click removal? I can’t undo, because I stupidly saved and closed the program before I had noticed.


No, you can’t un-do it now. :frowning:

Next time, export to WAV immediately after recording. Even if you save an Audacity Project it’s a good idea to keep a WAV original. WAV files are simpler and more robust than project files.

That’s always a danger with any kind of “automatic processing”, especially if you process the whole file… It’s usually better if you can fix the defects one-by-one and decide if “the cure is worse than the disease” as you go-along.

Thanks for the reply! It will turn out to be a time consuming mistake but an important lesson I think. Your reply has helped me decide I just need to get on with starting over. All the best.

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