remove vocal

i’ve tried to make minus one (karaoke) song from mp3 file song, but it’s didnt work and the vocal can’t remove

Vocal removal doesn’t always work and you almost never get "professional results’.

Regular vocal removal uses an “old trick” of subtracting left from right to remove “centered” vocals. It also removes everything else that’s identical and in-phase in both stereo channels. In many cases it can perfectly remove the vocals (or at least the lead vocals). It doesn’t work on mono files and it won’t work with non-centered vocals, It also removes everything else in the center (except you can filter to save the bass, which is usually centered.

There is “something new” called [u]Spleeter[/u] that you can try.

I used Audacity for years but vocoder is is really needed to improve. Most of time my results is … Now, the only way for me is using online app like vocalremover (dot org) then edit in audacity. There results are much acceptable from my point of view. But I would love to see Audacity can improve this part then we can success remove vocal and edit in within same application.

I tried that and:

  1. The results were less good than Audacity’s Vocal Reduction effect.
  2. There are no options to tweak the effect for better results.
  3. The output is only available as MP3 (no option for high quality WAV).

I assume that you mean the vocal reduction effect (a “vocoder” is something different altogether).
If you are having difficulty with Audacity’s Vocal Reduction effect, please start a new topic and we will be happy to try to help.