remove unwanted noises within a specific range

Is there a plugin, like a gate, that will allow me to set both an upper and lower db limit to remove certain sounds like breaths and keyboard clicks? I’ve been using a noise gate, but since it reduces all audio lower than the maximum db limit I specify, it tanks my room tone as well. What I want is a “gate” plugin that will let me reduce all noise less than X db but greater than Y db with the standard attack/decay settings. I’ve searched online but al I get are articles about standard noise reduction.

LEVELS, but it generates a LOT of artefacts.
(Only useable for electronic music IMO).

al I get are articles about standard noise reduction.

Mostly because you left “noise reduction” in the dust. What you really want is the ability to separate two different performances from each other in a mixed show. There was a recent poster who wanted us to separate his voice from the TV set in the background. Can’t do that, either. The best we can do is create different damage.

You have to fix this one before it gets to the microphone. I have an external keyboard on my Mac that makes very much less noise than any standard keyboard. A good directional microphone coupled with that and a couple of heavy blankets or towels should work wonders.

Can’t help with the breathing sounds. You may have to take those out manually in post. You can help with a microphone type. Most breathing sounds go straight in front.

Alternately, You might contact the keyboard maker and see if they have any suggestions. You can’t be the first person to record game commentary.

I can dig up the software product I designed a couple of years ago on April first. It will turn whatever you recorded into a studio production. It was super popular.


No kidding.

I called it the Professional Audio Filter (PAF). It would do amazing things.

But only on April first.


I can show you exactly where I was for this one.

This is my favorite In-N-Out.

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Thanks. I’ll take a look. I’ve been using Izotope and found it is doing a pretty good job of dialogue isolating and removing noise between speaking. Still a little left for me to clean up but not as much.