Remove special - Silence audio multiple spaces

Hi all , i want to ask if there is any way to use the silence audio option for multiple spaces in once instead of doing the procedure for every space i need to be silent.

If you are using an old version of Audacity (version 2.4.2 or earlier), you can label the sections that you want to silence, then “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Silence Audio”.

Unfortunately this function is currently broken (Labelled audio operations no longer work on selected audio tracks in 3.x · Issue #3679 · audacity/audacity · GitHub).

i need to set multiple silent spaces in the same track , not in multiple tracks. For example i need to silent 00:02 - 00:08 , 00:15-00:21 , 00:34-00:37 in the same track. I do this procedure one by one for ever space and i need to set multiple spaces to be silent in the same track at once.

Yes, that is what I would use “Edit menu > Labeled Audio > Silence Audio” for (with Audacity 2.4.2).

Probably the best that can be done with recent versions of Audacity is to use the “Ctrl + L” keyboard shortcut to silence the selected audio (silencing one selection at a time).

Doesn’t labeled audio require you to make the selections one-by-one as well?

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It depends what you are labelling.
I assume that there is something distinctive about 00:02 - 00:08, 00:15-00:21, and 00:34-00:37, in which case it may be possible to automate labelling those parts. For example, if you want to silence very quiet or very loud parts, you could label those parts with the “Label Sounds” tool. (I’ve used this technique in the past to rescue an interview recording in which one voice was much louder than the other).

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