Remove silence from beginning and end

Hello Audacity-Users,

I’m from Germany and using Audacity since a few years.
Now I’m using Version 2.0.6 and I have the following Question:
I’ve got a lot of wav-Tracks and I want to romove the silence at the beginning and the end of a track, is it possible to do that with a chain?
(Well, I could use ‘TruncateSilence’, but it would remove silence within the track, too, I don’t want that.)

Or could it be included in the next version of Audacity?

Best regards

Have you tried

See here for how to install Nyquist plugins:


If you need to specify the threshold of silence to remove from the beginning or end, try


Yeah, Great!

The second plugin 'Trim Silence ’ was exactly what I’ve been looking for. :smiley:

Thanks a lot, Gale!