Remove reverb and mic feedback from a 1972 lecture

I’m running audacity 1.2.6 on windows xp and have imported a .wav file that I’ve had good success at editing out the white noise and other crap. However, I can’t figure out how to eliminate the tin(ny) sound quality (reverb?) and some mic feedback in the original recording. I’d post/share a piece of the recording if it would help.

If the tinny sound is reverb, then you’re out of luck, similarly with feedback. Good sound engineers will go to great lengths to avoid these in recordings, simply because once they are there you can’t get rid of them.

You may be able to reduce the effects to some degree using Equalisation, (in the effects menu) but you are not likely to be able to remove it without badly affecting the sound that you want to keep.

<<<I’d post/share a piece of the recording if it would help.>>>

Yes. Park some of that somewhere. Sometimes the user description of the problem is wrong and we kill off a show that wasn’t quite dead yet.

He’s right, tho. You can’t get rid of a live room. You know that live sound you get when you sing in the bathroom? That’s deadly. There are very few if any techniques to make that loud, boomy sound come out normal.

This is also [pressing fingers to forehead] the exact question we get on the video forums when somebody tries to record a lecture on a camcorder from the back of the hall.

Hasn’t worked yet.