Remove "metallic" sound from clip?
So i am currently trying to make a “fire burst” sound effect for a game, i recorded a t-shirt wich i shaked/vibrated with a big burst in the air near the microphone (wich may i add is an ipads microphone so very low quality here)
Now on low volume the sound is, okay, but turning it higher up gives this weird “metalic” sound. Any reccomendations for how i could remove that?

I think you’re stuck. You’re in a teeensy subset of users, producers who make their own game sounds, and I don’t think there are any forum elves who regularly do that. So that leaves you with somebody who does what you do who happens to drop in from userland and not only doesn’t have their own problems, but has time to work on yours.


Spectral edit tool can be used to remove unwanted bits …

Freesound has more gunfire samples than you can shake a stick at …