Remove Kick Drum from Dance--Trance mp3s


I’m new to Audacity and sound editing and I don’t know sound editing terms and phrases.

I want to remove the kick drum from dance/trance mp3s.

I searched the web and this short post was all I could find:

What do they mean when they say “First insert either a ‘low shelf’ from a parametric eq OR insert a hi pass filter.” and “notch pass filter.”

Is their approach correct? If so, which is better, ‘low shelf’, ‘hi pass’, or ‘notch pass’?

Again, I have no idea what they’re talking about. I’ve only installed Audacity and LAME.

Please help, thanks.

Senior forum staff member Steve has made a free “popmute” plug-in for Audacity which will attenuate the kick without altering the equalisation, (which the techniques you listed above would do). A before-after example is attached …

Apparently my suggestion of Steve’s “popmute” plug-in has done the trick …