Remove keyboard sounds

I have a audio file of a meeting, where one person is recording text into a computer. Unfortunately the keyboard is near the microphone, so most of the voices are drowned out by the constant clicking of keys.

I have tried using the click remover, but the file is over 1/2 hour long, so not such a good idea!

I tried clipping but with limited success.

I don’t need to remove the KB clicks entirely, just reduce them so I can enhance the voices.

This Audacity is one heck of a program! So, any ideas/tricks in there that could help?


Yes, it is. But you have a “Help Me Clean Up” job and almost all of them fail.

If you can’t make out the words, it doesn’t look good. Try Effect > Filter Curve Eq > Presets and Settings > Factory Presets > Telephone. That will strip out all the sounds lower than 300Hz (low pitch) and higher than 3000Hz (High Pitch) for pretty much the same reasons telephones did it. Those sounds are not needed to get plain words to be understood. If that doesn’t get you close, then I’m out.


IMO AI is your only hope …

Other AI tools are available …Enhance Speech from Adobe | Free AI filter for cleaning up spoken audio

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