Remove History - File size is huge

I created a project, saved the file (say, as v001) and then performed some operations, like amplify, and fade in and out. Then I saved this as a v002.
The first file (v001) is 250 mg, the second one (v002) is 5 GIGs and a half.

I “suppose” it’s because of the History of what I did but, why, when opening the v002, the History is empty, even though the file still weight 5 GIGs?
Is there any ways to get rid of this? (I save versions, I don’t want to keep this History)



Try: Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+V (do NOT paste smart clips)

Thanx Jademan,

I just tried and…2 things:

1- the file ended up being 5.25 GIG instead of 5.74 GIG, so it didn’t work
2- what are “smart clips”? I made some quick research and I was apparently suppose to get a popup, asking me “How would you like to paste your audio?” (and I suppose that’s what your talking about), but I didn’t have that popup. What am I missing?


Non destructive editing, responsible for your massive increase in memory usage.

Choose to paste “Selected audio only” to shed the excess baggage …

Thanx Trebor.

My problem is, when I do what Jademan says, that is, copy all, create a new project and then paste, it just paste, without popping me the window where I would choose how to paste. After checking my Prefs, “Ask me each time” IS the option that is selected …and I even tried to put it at “Selected audio only”…same result: the new file is super heavy.
Is there any other Prefs setting I should also check?


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