Remove glitch


I got an audio track which has a glitch because there was some audio removed (see attachment at 4-5 seconds). Is there a way to fade it so you don’t hear the glitch? Any help would be appreciated.


Audio file:

That will sound wacky if all you try and do is cover it up. What you’re supposed to do is match the beats and take out the off-rhythm pieces. You’re stuck with an actual editing job. Sorry.

Find the downbeat just before the glitch and the one just after and mark each one with Control-C or Command-C. Then drag-select across them and they will become magnetic or sticky and pull your cursor. Then just delete and play it. See how close you got. You can be amazingly sloppy and still make the music seem to flow.

UNDO and try it again if you miss.


Here I’ve selected from 3.658 to 5.984
Then using this cross-fade plug-in I used these settings:
and this is the result:

To install plug-ins: Place them in the Plug-Ins folder inside the Audacity installation folder. On Windows computers, this is usually under “Program Files”. On Mac OS X, it is usually under “Applications”. Restart Audacity, then the Plug-ins will appear underneath the divider in the “Effect”, “Generate” or “Analyze” menus. In this case it will be in the Effect menu listed as “Cross Fade…”

How did you get the rhythm to line up since it doesn’t in the original piece?

The reason that the rhythm did not line up in the original was because a glitch had been edited out making the bar length too short. There’s a couple of things that could have been done to make the rhythm match. The best option would probably have been to cross-fade a “patch” (a similar piece of audio from another part of the song) to replace the bad bit. The other option is to cut out the entire bar / phrase so that the rhythm is not disrupted.

What I did was the second of these options. I used the cross-fade effect on a selection of about 4 beats, but with the cross-fade duration limited to 0.2 seconds. This uses the first 0.2 seconds of the selection and cross-fades it with the final 0.2 seconds, discarding the unwanted audio in between.

The tricky part is getting the selection length right. (this is the trickiest part whichever method of cross-fading is used).
Although there is no “Preview” button for Nyquist effects, cross-fading is very quick so if the guessed selection length is a bit out it is easy to use Ctrl+Z to undo, then adjust the selection a little and re-apply the cross-fade.

Wow guys, thanks a lot for the clear explanation!

Hi Steve,

I downloaded the plugin and tried fixing it for like six hours now. The problem is that the length of the track should be preserved. I also tried it by multiplying some parts of the track, but then I get glitches again. The original track is a bit longer (I only uploaded a part), it’s for a youtube video. Do you have any other tips? Or could you fix it for me for a few bucks (paypal)? I’m getting frustrated, haha.

Sorry about the delay getting back to you anonty.

Yes I understand that, but the sample that you posted has already had some audio removed (which I presume was the result of your first attempt at repairing the glitch?), so we are in effect trying to repair a repair. Do you still have the original un-repaired track? If so, could you upload it somewhere and post a link?

Hi Steve,

Sorry for my late reply, I didn’t notice your post.

The glitch occurred after shortening the track. Unfortunately I don’t have the original track anymore so I’m seeking for a way to get this glitch removed without shortening the track again. I just uploaded the first part of the track (see link below). The glitch is at about 14 seconds. It’s important that the last second of the track (the gong) stays in place (so the track should stay 20 seconds long), cause there a new part of the video starts.

Do you have any other ideas to get this glitch removed?


The problem is that now you have cut a bit out the “beat” (pulse) is no longer regular.
To show what I mean I’ve added a regular beat at just over 50 bpm to the track and you can hear that it goes “out of time” at around 15 seconds where you have made the edit. To make the beat regular again you need to either add in a bit more audio between 13.402 and 15.521, or chop that section out altogether, but either way it is going to change the overall length.

One possibility would be to chop that section out and then use the “Change Speed” or “Change Tempo” or “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” effect to stretch it back to 20 seconds (-10.594 %). Would a change in tempo be acceptable?