Remove glitch between silence

Beginner help support question:

I’ve made some TTS files for the purpose of language learning and used Extend Silence plug-in. After that there are small glitches that I pointed on screenshot.

after usage of Extend Silence plug-in:

Plugin settings that I used:
Threshold for silence (dB): -20dB
Min detected silence (seconds): 0,50
Add silence duration (seconds) 0,00
Add % of detected silence duration: 0,0
Add % of previous sound duration: 100,0

I hope there is a way to remove them automatically. I guess probably remove noise effect can do that, but I don’t know what values to use and how to measure them. Obviously I want to avoid damaging the proper sentence audio.

Any piece of advise will be greatly appreciated.

As a new user I can’t upload more than one file, but if you wish I may upload original mp3 elsewhere.

Not really glitches: they are legitimate parts of the audio.
If you changed your definition of “silence” you could lower the incidence of this “glitch”,
e.g. shorten the “Min detected silence (seconds)”, and/or lower the threshold.

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