Remove folder

Some how I have acquired a folder on my desk top that ends in aup.bak which CANNOT be moved to trash or opened. What should I do with it? I have Audacity 2.0.5 and my OS is Mac OS 10.6.8

If it’s a folder then it’s nothing to do with Audacity.

If it’s a file it would have been created by an old version of Audacity. Current Audacity cannot open it. You should be able to delete it if you quit (not just close) all versions of Audacity.


Your right it is a file and it is still on my desktop and cannot be removed-- I have tried everything I know to remove it.

You will need to find out what application is using the file (for example perhaps you have it open in a text editor or in an old version of Audacity).

If you you cannot remove a file when it is not in use by another program that appears to be a defect in the operating system. I suggest you contact Apple support about the issue, giving them the exact text of the error message.


Thanks for the help and suggestions-- I turned shut my system down and when I brought it back on, POOF the file was gone. Now I would like to know why this happened

It’s quite simple. You can’t delete a file if a program is using the file.

However sometimes files can get locked by the computer process “handle” using them even, if the original program that opened the file has been closed. This tends to happen quite often on Windows, but Mac is not immune. See .

If you are still not happy - . It’s nothing to do with Audacity.