Remove Effects

I’ve created a project and have added effects to several of the tracks. I now wish to sent the WAV files to a colleague without the effects. I cannot see how that can be done. I have tried the Edit-Undo but I’m too far along for that. It is greyed out.

Craig Joe Lehr

To summarise, is this what you did:

  • Imported a WAV file
  • Modified the audio
  • Exported from Audacity and overwrote the original WAV file (thus eliminating your only backup)

and now you need the original, unmodified WAV file?

If that’s the case, then unfortunately you’ve blown it.
If you meant something different, then please describe in detail.

We can’t remove effects, modifications or improvements from a show. If you closed Audacity in the middle of production, it would erase the UNDO. As above, if you insisted on overwriting the original work, that’s the end of the world. No professional would do that. I still have original live recordings from years ago against the time a Producer is going to call looking for them.

This is one of the reasons production storage requirements are higher than you think.

We can remove simple volume changes, but there’s no way to know where the original volume was when you started.

If you’re doing production for hire, hopefully, you won’t make this mistake again.