Remove duplicate track - impossible?

Windows10 ~ Audacity 2.2.2

Whilst screen-capturing a webcam I’ve accidentally recorded 2 soundtracks, as I had the cam open in another browser, hidden. There’s about half a second, if that, between the two tracks.

I was hoping the Audacity could detect the second soundtrack and remove it, but Google hasn’t found anything on-topic, I’m just asking here so’s to leave no stone unturned.


No… or I should say, yes it’s impossible. 'You can’t un-fry an egg or un-bake a cake, and you can’t un-mix sound."

You don’t two separate soundtracks, you have one soundtrack with an echo, right?

… If you had a “clean” copy of one or the other, you could (potentially) subtract one out. But, if you had a clean copy you wouldn’t have this problem.

Thank you, DVDdoug. Not the end of the world, it was “only” Starlings, and I can almost guarantee they’ll be back :wink: