Remove Drum beats from Vocals

Hi Audacity Pros,

I am a noob and I am trying to remove drum beats from the following audio file but not having any luck. I tried Vocal Remover + Noise Profile that’s out there on youtube but it’s not helping.

Can someone please remove the background drum beats for me? If you could also tell how you did it, I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!

Mp3 download: [drums start around 45 second mark] 7.5 MB

OS: Windows 10
Audacity Version: 2.3.0

To save others the time and bandwidth of downloading the 7.5 MB MP3, here’s a short clip of a relevant part:

I don’t think it is possible to remove the drums from this audio.

Thanks Steve! Looks like you are the pro here and doesn’t look like I can get anywhere with this clip. Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

While creating karaoke tracks I occasionally find one instrument is too “in your face”. Usually it’s the snare or kick drum. I have successfully reduced the volume in some files but it is a bit labour/time intensive, especially when there are as many drum beats as in your sample.

Open the track.
Zoom into the forst drumbeat to be reduced (select it & Ctrl E)
Reselect the drumbeat if you want a more precise selection
Adjust it’s volume using Amplify
Fiddle around with the width of the selection and the amplification factor until you are happy with it
Move to the next drumbeat with the arrows on the bottom timebar and select it
Repeat Amplify (Ctrl R)

It’s a slow, tiring process but the only way I know. Good luck.

I am trying to remove drum beats

Not reduce them. I suspect if you used the beat selection process, you’d get little holes in the song, plus taking a long time.

My impression is the poster wants to remix the song, so they would have to vanish.


There is another simpler technique for single instrument management. Cut (a copy of) the song so you have a “pile” of only that instrument—as much as possible. Use the pile as Effect > Noise Reduction > Profile. Then apply Noise Reduction to the whole song. As long as you don’t restart Audacity, the profile and the effect should stick pass after pass.

Someone posted that once a while ago.