Remove "Delta binaural beat frequencies" ?

I bought a recording that consists of ocean waves and “Delta binaural beat frequencies” (to help with sleep).

That is fine.

As a test, I want to strip out the “Delta binaural beat frequencies”, but I cannot make out how to use audacity for that.

Here is part of the recording.

Thanks for any help.

1.aif (1.34 MB)

The simplest way is to import the file into Audacity, then click on the name of the track and from the drop-down menu select “Split Stereo to Mono”.
Then delete one of the tracks by clicking on the [X] in the top left corner of the track, then finally, export (File menu > Export Audio) to create a new file with a new file name. I’d recommend that you export in WAV format.

This will create a mono version of the file with no binaural beat effect.


When I open the m4a file in audacity, and click Stereo Track to Mono, it deletes the lower track.

If I then click the x in the upper left area, it deletes the remaining track.

I must be doing something wrong.



Please state which version of OS X you are using, the exact three-section version of Audacity from Audacity > About Audacity and whether you obtained the .dmg installer or the zip.

Steve said to use the Audio Track Dropdown Menu then Split Stereo to Mono. That will create one mono track for each of the two erstwhile channels.

Stereo Track to Mono creates a single mono track in one step, averaging the volume of both tracks, retaining the content of each channel in the mono mix.

The idea of removing the binaural beat is to remove the alleged mental effect of the different frequencies of the beat in each channel. So Split Stereo to Mono could be theoretically argued to be a more effective “solution”.

We don’t enter into discussion of brainwave entrainment theories here, only tell you how you can process the audio. :wink:




I was able to follow the directions now.

I appreciate the help.

I produced a wav file and put it into itunes and converted it to mp3.

Thanks a million.