Remove choir?

Hi I want to remove the choir of a song and searched for a way to do this, with no luck.
From what I’ve read it seems to be impossible to separate the choir from the instruments.
But I have an idea: what if I have the song in two different languages?
Would I be able to remove the “differences” between them, in other words the choir and vocals?

This isn’t a feedback or review about Audacity so I moved your post for you.

Usually correct, unless you have the original tracks that went into the mix. See if you can buy the karaoke (instrumental) version of the song online.


It’s a Disney song…

So my short quick question is: is there a way to let Audacity compare two tracks and remove whats similirar in them?

Vocal removal usually works by removing sounds that are the same. See .

Having a song in another language won’t help you all that much. Having an identical vocals only track might.

Also see this Nyquist plug-in .

See how to install Nyquist plug-ins .