Remove background talking from narration

I have some cassettes I want to digitize. They contain family members talking at group events like dinner or a party. Usually there is someone narrating, but also some background talking. Is there way to reduce the background talking? FYI - I’m brand new to audacity.

Thanks, Scott

The short answer is no. You hit one of the four horsemen (#4)

There are tools that can seem like they should be able to help such as Effect > Noise Gate and Effect > Noise Reduction. Noise Reduction depends on you being able to train the software on a simple noise personality such as background hiss or air conditioner whine. Doesn’t work on constantly changing voices.

Noise Gate has a similar problem. Kill Sounds Quieter Than a Set Value sounds great, but regular voices fall below a set value, so both background and narration get chopped up.

Others elves may post with ideas.


Thanks for the info. Not really surprised. Maybe someday soon they will be AI algorithm that can do this.

You need cutting-edge AI tool$ and plenty of computer grunt to separate multiple people talking at the same time.

There are some websites on the internet that can remove background noise.

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