Removal of the screeching sound when recording

I am using Windows 10
I am using Audacity 2.2.2

How to remove the screeching sound when I hit the record button.

Hello: Attempted to deleted a portion of the track. I hit CTL + A, then I hit the record button. Instead of recording I got a loud screeching sound, which would not go away. The monitoring bars on top reads.
From 57 to 12 the light is green,
6 is yellow and 3 is orange.
Question how do I turn off the noise to set it back to record normally?

Attempting to learn the system, it appears as if one of the 6 icons next to the Red record button is on. I don’t know if that is causing the squeaking sound.
Again how do I get the system back to normal recording?

I’m thanking you in advance for a speedy reply.

You probably just need to turn off “Software Playthrough” (Transport menu > Transport Options) and/or turn off your speakers / use headphones.

The longer answer is:
The screeching is called “feedback”, and is caused by the input (recording) signal being passed to the output (playback), and then being routed back to the input, and round and round it goes, building up to a loud screech.
What are you trying to record, and what equipment are you using?