removal of barking dogs

Hi, I have a recording from a shelter and dogs barking is louder than the voice. How to remove? I’m sorry but I use a translator. :slight_smile:

Audacity cannot separate the performers in a recording.

and mute?

In order to mute the dogs, you have to split them from the performance. If you muted the dogs in the mixed show, everything during the bark would go.

Of course, if that’s what you want, you can carefully drag-select one of the barks (they shouldn’t be hard to find in the blue waves) and silence it with Control-L. Play and see if that’s OK.


If you used two microphones the karaoke feature might let you do some editing.

I don’t know anybody other than network television people that use two microphones for an interview, and those are sit-down events, not free-wheeling in a dog shelter. We’ll see.