Remastering Tips and Process

Hello I wonder about ideas to Remaster music step by step with the tools from Audacity and Best Settings. I get clear audio without much volume flat Boost or High Treble Boost, just Specially Hearing every sound from the track without getting distortion. Specially from those tracks that are a bit Old, trying to make High Quality Definition. And Best Process to Remaster. Thanks

I don’t know that any of the forum elves will have anything for you. Music remastering is a juggling act between the performer and producer and is a personal listening activity. Also, trying to do it with different speaker systems over multiple time zones could be a career move.

We’re happy if your clarinet sounds like a clarinet after you record it.

So we will probably be waiting for another poster for ideas.


The Process I Use to Master Songs is

1 Amplify

2 Compress

3 Limiter

However Im concerned about the settings I feel like the Compressor and the Limiter causes distortion so I Better sometimes I use the Amplify or the tool envelope