hi everyone. I’m new to all this stuff so please bare with me. i want to record mixes i do on my mac to audacity, how can i do this ???

How are you doing the mixes? Is the Mac the controller in the middle of separate turntables? Other software? Streaming Manager? Where is the music?


hi im useing rekordbox on my mac with all my music stored in rekordbox collections folder with the headphone jack in the mac and male female conectors to my amp or my krk speakers and it sounds really good but when i press record on audacity and recorded 1 hours mix i could hear myself and background noise coming over the mix and it was very low and not good quality

That’s because you’re recording the Mac built-in microphone, not the mix directly.

See if there’s anything here you can use.


thank you :smiley: ill give it a go , normally my brother does all my downloading stuff and just watch him but I’ve moved 400 miles away . if i get stuck can i ask for more help please

its saying the link can’t be opened …ill wait a month or so till i visit my brother to do it …thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You could also try MIxxx. Free, has built-in recording of DJ sessions.

cheers cyrano but I’m used to the rekordbox software. ill just have to wait as i keep loading stuff on my mac and don’t really know what I’m doing i don’t want to mess it up