Reinstalled antarest autotune Now I cant open up projects.

Version 2.1.3
Windows 10 64bit
I think I obtained the .exe but not sure anymore

So I played around with autotune in one of my projects but realised something was wrong and it did not have any effect on the audio so I reinstalled antarest autotune. Then I could not open up most of my projects any more, even though I did not use autotune in most of them at all. I have never moved them or renamed them in anyway. I have both the data folder and the audacity file in the same place. I googled for a few days now but nothing helped.

Is there any way that I can recover my projects? They have been quit a bit of work and losing them would mean that I would stop with my entire project.

Thanks for help! Cheers!

Antares Autotune does not support Audacity.
Attempting to use it ‘may’ have cause a problem in Audacity effects settings.
Audacity’s effects settings are stored in two files:

and Audacity’s “preferences” are stored in another file:

If you delete these three files (Audacity must be closed when you do this), then Audacity is reset back to its factory defaults. That ‘may’ fix the problem (worth trying).

The files are located in: Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\

sadly did not work out

What exactly is happening?