Reducing kbps on wav file for hold music

I am using windows 10 and downloaded Audacity version 2.3 to my desktop. I bought a mp3 file of a track from Groove music and with the help of a friend who knows how to use Audacity converted a version of the mp3 to the bit rate of 127 kbps. When i try to export this mp3 to a wav file it goes to 1441 kbps. I am using this track to put on my business’s hold music for our leased Avaya phones. THe tech for Avaya says the wav file needs to be 128 kbps but i cannot figure out how to export that in a wav file. Help.

Full disclosure, i do not know how to use Audacity, am just beginning, so apologies if i show my ignorance.

Do you have any more details about the requirements? u-law or A-law at 8kHz are somewhat standard for phone systems. Those are found under “Other compressed files”. And, you’ll probably need to change the sample rate to 8000Hz (lower left of the Audacity Window).

FYI - 1411kbps is “CD quality” WAV. i.e. 16-bits x 44.1khz x 2 channels = 1411kbps.