Reducing heavy diction

So I recorded some singing in audacity, and I got a pretty good take, but I have a spot or two where I have really heavy diction, with over-emphasis on sounds like “p”. I was wondering if any of the tools on audacity are good for reducing heavy diction or if anyone has any ideas in general

P-Popping and other plosives you get rid of by proper microphone placement and tools such as pop and blast filters.

The is the nylon net type of pop filter and the approximate spacing.

David Greene is using the stiff screen type.

You can also sing off-center to the microphone (B) and that will help with P-Popping.

P-Popping is rough to suppress later in post production processing. You should fix that before the microphone.

If you have “essing” or other leaking air or harsh SS sounds, that we can help with post production software tools such as DeEsser and DeSibilator.


Spectral editing tools … Removing Pop spikes - #3 by Trebor

This is a shortcoming with many of those tools. The example given is of popping where the sound didn’t overload. If you experiencing clipping or other sound damage during the pop, the problem can become a lot more serious. That can create spectral sprays rather than one nice clean blob.

That also requires you to carefully edit each one. How many of them are there in your work? How long do you have?

It’s a super big deal to shoot stuff as clean as you can. It’s not true that you can shoot anything you want and clean it up later. Even if you do get something to work, was it worth spending days messing with it?