Reduce low level audio tool

Id like to see a way to reduce the audio of frequencies with a low volume.
I’ve butchered an image together quick to show what I want to do…
Some tool with a slider that would “eat” away the low volume(blue) areas moving into the red, then white…
And possibly some way to blur/smooth the result a little too.

Or is there something like this already?

What do you want to do to the sound, and what is the sound? What’s the show? What are we trying to fix?

Do you really want to reduce or eliminate all musical tones below 1000Hz? That doesn’t leave you with much. That will wipe out the bottom or left 2/3 of a piano.


No, what I want to do it for all frequencies, if the volume of that frequency is less than a value, for example -30db, then for that portion of the spectrum to be muted.
Similar to a noise gate, however on a frequency level instead of a total volume level.

  1. Generate 30 seconds of “White Noise” (Generate menu > Noise)
  2. Amplify the noise to a “New peak amplitude” of -30 dB
  3. Launch the “Noise Reduction” effect and take a noise profile from the noise
  4. Select the audio that you want to process, and apply the Noise Reduction effect with settings: 48, 6, 1.

Thanks! thats an interesting method to do it :slight_smile:

Dang! I cannot automate noise reduction with a macro, its still not been fixed

I cannot automate noise reduction with a macro, its still not been fixed

Noise Reduction is a two-step tool and doesn’t work well with Macros. Also, I don’t think Macros can make decisions: If this, then do that.


It is also the last of the “old style” effects, so it doesn’t support Macro settings - it will always use the last used settings.

smartelectronix LEVELS plugin
contrast on DtBlkFx

Both the above VST plugin effects can create conspicuous digital artefacts,
(& are Windows & Mac only, but work in Audacity).

It is possible to increase the contrast of the spectrogram with Nyquist code.