Red arrow of death

Hello, all. Please help me. I’m running Audacity on Windows 10 through a Behringer interface and driver. I’m trying to record a vocal track but there’s a red arrow that won’t allow me to record. It stays in place. How do I fix this issue? Been trying for hours to fix the issue. Thanks in advance.

Which version of Audacity?
Which Behringer interface?

In the “Device Toolbar”, set “host” to MME, and select the Behringer Interface as the Recording and Playback device. Plug your headphones into the Behringer.

Made it!!

Hi, I had that very same problem, and today I got to fix it. I just had to go to Behringer website and download the latest driver for my UMC204HD (UMC Driver 4.59.0 (for Windows 7 to 10). After installing and RESTART the PC (very important), the “red arrow of death” dissapeared and now I can record a new track and listen to it while recording through the headphones pluged to UMC without any delay or latency. I´m so happy!!!

Hope it helps. Greetings from Spain!